At Last, A T-Shirt That's Actually Funcitonal!

Shur-T has specially designed and treated pads integrated right into the t-shirt that help prevent underarm perspiration stains from showing through your outer garments while simultaneously helping to prevent embarrassing underarm odor. Shur-T is 100% washable & won't loose its effectiveness even after repeated washings. Shur-T's ready to go right out of the package, nothing to put in or on. Just wear Shur-T and get on with your life!

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With Cooling and Odor Guard Protection

Multiple Layers of Defense

The first layer of defense is a super "wicking" poly-mesh material with cooling technology that literally pulls moisture away from the skin, while drying the underarm area twice as fast as normal. Shur-T has also added odor guard technology for maximum effectiveness & confidence.

For the second layer of defense, Shur-T has gone a step further and included 3 additional layers of 100% combed cotton to meet the needs of even the heaviest of perspires.

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